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It’s hard to define this album in relation to 65days’ previous work. Is it a triumphant return the their more electronic glitch-rock days or is it an evolution away from their more melodic post rock releases? When you compare it to the Dance Parties remixes however it feels a lot more like 65days have taken a look at what they’ve done so far and decided to move into less explored musical territory.

Cover art

We Were Exploding Anyway takes a much more electronic look at the post rock soundscape, with sharper and more hard hitting sounds and tones brought in through the increased use of synths, becoming at times more prominant than the guitar work. However this is by far not a step into what people would consider the realms of more popular electronica, the post rock themes cropping up throughout keeping it thoroughly grounded.

What I found most striking about the album is the feel of relentlessness to the music. It is rare that the music takes a moment to let you rest and prepare for the next song, with any slow build ups being followed by crushing bass lines and drums (Dance Dance Dance being a prime example of this). You can almost see the rave happening during these songs. This unrelenting feel is the main driving force of the album, flinging you from one song to the next while still maintaining the distinction between them. The only downside to this instant fix of fast, heavy synths is it does rely more on the breaking down of the melody and song structure in order to provide variation to each song, as many of the main riffs are introduced right at the start. This fits in nicely with the view of this being a progression away from post rock, which focuses mainly on the slow introduction of riffs and melodies to build the song up. However it does mean that some of the longer songs, such as Tiger Girl, feel forced and repetitive. I also found the use of synth to be quite unvarying throughout the album as well, with many of the same sounds seeming to be reused, though 65days overcome this with a few interesting additions to their repertoire, such as the use of vocals.

65 live

One criticism of this album is one that I’ve had with most of 65days’ more synth based songs is the reliance on treble. In many of the songs I found the bass to be lacking, and even during the ‘crushing bass lines’ I mentioned you find that what makes them appear crushing is the treble distortion which punctuates it. The same can be said for the guitar and synth melodies, which often descend into noisy chaos. Though this noisy chaos has been a staple of many 65days song crescendos I have begun to find it a little tiresome, especially when listening to it in my own room.

As an album, We Were Exploding Anyway stands out from 65days’ earlier work and is both better and worse for it. Each song is an exhilarating experience but by the end of the album it has left me wondering whether or not I’ve enjoyed listening to the whole thing. That being said I have listened to it almost 4 times through today already as background music to my revision so I guess I must be enjoying it. Whether this is a progression forward or a return to their roots, 65days have once again made a very good album.

Here’s a video from an earlier tune.