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So I spent the first half of the day writing my dissertation, and the second half playing Assassins Creed II. Now it’s 11.30 and I’m sitting here with a cat on my lap really not knowing what to review and thinking about bed (I have a driving lesson and work tomorrow). However I want to keep up with the post every day routine I’ve got into. So here’s a little more about the Round Walk with some more photos I uploaded to facebook (they were too big to upload straight to here).

We started off in Bingham park, seeing as that’s near where I live and followed the route through the park up to forge dam, and on to the Norfolk Arms pub. This is a walk we’ve done many times before so was nothing particularly new and seemed to fly by in a quick 2 hours. As always though, it was a nice easy walk with no real effort needed.

Following the Porter Brook upstream

View across the city

After the Norfolk Arms we turned off on a different route from the one we normally take on our walks out to Hathersage and ended up in a boggy field (see the picture in the previous post), leading eventually to yet another woodland path following yet another stream. This whole area was really nice, most of it with views towards, and away from the city. It was also probably the easiest part of the walk, considering it was mostly flat and well signposted.

Nicely signposted

There were some obstacles

This path continued for some time with little change, though for me it was nice to see an area of Sheffield I’d never seen before. Eventually we came out into Door (I think) where we crossed over into Ecclesall woods for yet more woodland paths. There were some interesting sights along the way, and a few dog walkers were about too. We did eventually get lost after leaving Ecclesall woods and heading towards Beauchief , as one of the signposts was set back into the road it was indicating so was very easy to miss when following the route, so after a brief wander up the road and back again, we eventually crossed the rail tracks near the Door station and found the route past the Beauchief Golf Course.

April Showers

"Coat on, coat off." April Showers

the first hill we'd come across!

After we passed the golf course we went down a couple of country roads and nice paths with archways of trees etc etc, then ended up coming towards some of the not so well kept areas of Sheffield. We spent half the time here trying to figure out which way to go, as most of the signs had been stolen from the poles, so at every crossroad there was a green pole with nothing on it showing us the way.

"Die Townies" lol

There were parks in between those two photos. By this point in time we’d been through quite a few, mostly just for moments at a time before going back into woodland. By the end neither Jen nor I could remember which ones we’d been to and in which order, the only reason I remembered there was one in between these photos was because of the other photos I took.

So we carried on through the mostly un-signposted routes for some time, stopping for a quick sandwich and cream eggs when we eventually ended up in the suburbs. After about 20 minutes of walking through the streets we came across a nice old house at the entrance to one of the parks.

There was an information plaque thing but we didn't read it

This, however, was quickly trumped by this.

Amazing view of the city. We sat down for 5 minutes to look at it.

An example of the between park sections of the walk.

Eventually, after getting lost a bit and having to find our way back to the route, we ended up in Hunters Bar. If you like the Arctic Monkeys you may have heard of it. I don’t like the Arctic Monkeys.

Having walked 14 miles we felt we deserved a bit of a sit down, so we stopped in the Porter Brook pub for a drink and a bite to eat. Fortunately for us, having arrived at 5.05, we were able to partake in the offer of a free beer with a burger that started at 5. What luck.

Here’s me eating a huge gourmet burger – MASSIVE burger, bacon, onion rings, BLUE CHEESE? WOAH!

It looks horrbile, but was delicious. I was full the next morning!

Don’t I look awesome?

Well anyway, by the time we were finished there it was after 6 so we figured we’d better continue into the sunset and finish the walk. Through Endcliffe park we went.

Probably the nicest park in Sheffield

We fed the ducks with some bread Jen was carrying around for THE WHOLE WALK


Finally we reached the top of the hill and I was home. Jen had to walk a bit more as she lives 20 minutes away, but she does this sort of thing for a degree so it’s ok.

In conclusion. A really nice walk, even with the rougher areas and the confusing road sections. I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it, but not so much so that it was unpleasant. Jen can be quoted saying it was “the easiest 14 miles ever”. So there’s another point of view.

If you want to see some of Sheffield and don’t mind your legs aching a bit the next day, then give it a go. It’s good fun.