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This is my new blog that I’m attempting to start up with a couple of mates. Go check it out 🙂

First Impression Reviews

I don’t know much about Steve Vai. I found out about him through watching a youtube video of G3 playing way back when I was just discovering the amazingness of guitar solos for the first time but never really followed up on that. Since then I’ve seen a couple of other videos and listened to a couple of other songs but never really listened to a full album… until now.

The Story of Light. First song, slow epic beginning gets right into the song, I feel like I can tell where this album is going to go from here. Hell of a lot of synth and some cool chorusy effects on the guitar giving it a very prog rock feeling. The guitar almost feels like it’s taking a backseat, just focusing on the rhythm rather than anything else. Some weird voice has come in, speaking in some other language…

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I’m home for the summer and finally have some non-hungover time to spare. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll get back into the swing of writing stuff here. Woo!

I just watched this with a friend. I currently don’t know what to think about it. It’s amazing but it is so far from the original series that I am in more than just two minds about it.

I’ll discuss it properly tomorrow when I’m not drunk. I just wanted to mention it now.

The chances of me posting anything of any substance this week is looking decidedly slim due to the fact that I have 4 days left to write a 3000 word essay which constitutes 8% of my entire degree. It’s all about transposons. Turns out our DNA is approximately 45% transposon, which is pretty cool when you think about it. Especially as transposons don’t actually have a role in cell function per se. What are they for? That’s what I’m trying to find out.

I’m right in the middle of my final 5 weeks of uni at the moment so things are a little slow. I’ve got a couple of reviews I’m working on at the moment, nothing big though. A comparison of the two main band practice rooms in York, and a review of my laptop. Watching a film tonight as well so may give that a try. Gonna try and stick to doing at least one review a week, then hopefully once my finals are over I’ll get some more done.

Right now though I’m tired and cba with thinking.

In a rant I posted about C&C4 I mentioned Men of War and how it mixes up the types of combat and keeps the player interested through the use of massive battles contrasted with small personal encounters.

Well I just played a level which is basically an on-a-rail shooter following the 4 main allies characters in an armoured car. This then switches to having 3 of them fight through an enemy occupied village to find fuel, before switching to a 3rd person on-a-rail chase scene (which I’ve not yet completed as I’m about to go out).

But you can see with this how easy it is to put something in that is just cool.

I got back from this 30 minutes ago and am far too tired to write a review so here’s one my friend I walked with wrote.

We went on the walk and it was cloudy and then it rained and then it was sunny and it was good.

Jen. Age 20.

Jen. Age 20.

I’ve already done two posts today, only one of them a review per se. So I’ll keep this brief.

I’ve just watched the first 2 episodes of The Pacific and it’s really really good.

That is all.

This album is the best album I’ve ever heard. Not a single wasted note, not a single pointless moment.

Go and buy it.