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Corporation is a club and live music venue in Sheffield that I’ve been going to since I was able. I went last night for the first time in a while and had an epic and metal time so figured I’d write about the club here. I’m covered in bruises from the mosh pit in the main room last night so am in a lot of pain on top of the hangover, so if this review is a bit rambling and doesn’t make sense I apologise.

I’ll talk about the club night to start with.

woo, corp.

The main room downstairs

Corp club nights are best known for what is known as the corp goo, the strange sticky yet slippery substance that by the end of the night covers the floors and walls. However, as long as you don’t fall over this isn’t a problem. When you walk into the club you are greeted by a black, dark bar with music blaring in from all sides and a crush of people moving between rooms. As a first timer this can be a little intimidating, I remember arriving on my 18th birthday and thinking ‘what the fuck am I doing here’, but you quickly realise that this oppressive atmosphere is just on the surface, and underneath it all is a club full of strange and awesome people. You get all sorts here, from indie kids, to chavs, to crazy metal heads clad in leather, and Corp caters for all of them. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays you have the standard Corp club nights, with strikingly different genres of music in each room, hardcore metal in the small room, hard rock and pop metal in the main room interspersed with dubstep and dnb, and RnB or cheesy pop in the upstairs room. So if you get bored of one thing, you can go to a different room. And these rooms switch around or change their music for each day, so it’s rarely the same on each club night. On top of that, on a wednesday the bottom two rooms open up for ‘school disco’ where Corp tries its hand at being a normal club, providing discounts for people in school uniform and playing dance, rnb, and indie. One recent addition to the main club nights is the final hour or so of dubstep. I first came across this in the metal room on a new years club night, when at about 2, they played the usual classic rock finishing songs (though they’re never the same ones so you can’t always tell) and everyone was gearing up to be kicked out, when suddenly the floor exploded with vibrations and the bass kicked in. In the small, cramped, metal room, the bass from the speakers just shoots up through you and really gets into your head. It’s amazing. I reckon I could say that I haven’t had a bad night at any of the club nights corp. Oh, and there’s a balcony and seating area above the upstairs dance room for those of you who want to chill for a bit.

View from the balcony

The people that turn up to these night’s are generally pretty cool too. You hear about people starting fights or getting beaten up by bouncers but those stories tend to be spread by people who want to sound cool or that are being dragged along by their mates. I personally have only seen one of these incidents where a friend of mine got into some mess some huge metal guy back when we were 18 but this was quickly sorted out by the bouncer who managed to break it up without any violence and later apologised to my friend for the trouble. In general most of the people you meet will be friendly and chilled out. I generally don’t have a night where I don’t end up having a random conversation with random people in the queue for the bar, and after my A levels when I went every week I even started to get to know some of the regulars.

The drinks prices are astounding too, for a club night. 50p for a vodka + mixer on  a monday, £1.50 for a pint of carlsberg on a friday, and various other deals on alcopops and “cocktails”. I have to say I’ve never seen prices that low in a club.

Sadly though, It’s often the live music nights where Corporation doesn’t live up to expectations. The large, wide, main room, which is perfect for club nights, is a let down when it comes to bands. The rails which surround the dance floor, for the purpose of putting your drinks down on it, get in the way and break up the crowd, meaning that if you don’t get a good spot early on you may end up stuck behind them and out of the action. The sound desk too, gets put right in the middle of the dance floor. One other feature of the main room is the large gap between the stage and the crowd, meaning that it becomes difficult for bands to interact with the crowd, and at hardcore gigs prevents any stage diving or real crowd surfing. The hight of the stage also contributes to this, with it being quite high above the ground.

The Mirimar Disaster in 2007

The small room is also used for less popular gigs or gigs on club nights (as it’s easily separated). Though you’d think this would be a more personal experience, the hight of the stage again causes you to feel separated from the band. This, combined with the poor layout of the room, with the dance floor being raised above the floor around the bar and room entrance splitting up the crowd, and the same drinks ledges causing separation again. Despite all this though, I have been to some very good gigs at Corp and they do bring in some popular bands.

Yet another thing that corp do best is the hangover. I’ve never had a hangover like the ones I’ve had after a night in corp. Sure singing along to songs at other clubs can break your voice, but singing along to metal all night, while headbanging, moshing, and dancing absolutely destroys you. The whole combination just prevents you from doing anything productive the next day. Though yes, I am aware that I’m doing this while hungover from corp, but meh, it’s not exactly a well written review is it 😛 .