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I’m a student studying Biosciences at the University of York and in a recent spate of procrastinatory action to try and avoid writing my dissertation I’ve decided to start writing a blog. I’d always wanted to do one reviewing games or music or just ranting about stuff, but every time I thought about doing one I realised I didn’t feel strongly enough about anything in particular to put in the time required to actually write something good. So when I realised that instead of writing good reviews of one area of my interests, I could just write brief and simple reviews of all sorts of things that I come across in daily life, I decided that I’d give it a go.

I’m going to try and do a couple of reviews a week at least of anything ranging from music, to pc games, to what I had for dinner last night (steak, it was alright but a little fatty in places. The sauce was awesome and the veg that went with it complimented it perfectly). If I know a lot about what I’m writing it will be an in depth and thought out review, if I don’t, then it will just be my impressions regardless of anything else going on with it. More often than not they will probably just be written completely off the top of my head with no forethought or planning and will literally just be my thoughts on the subject. If you’re reading this then I hope you enjoy yourself and find out something new 🙂 .


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