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I don’t really have the time or energy to talk about anything in detail so here’s a couple of brief reviews to keep things going.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis

Current top picture on Dillinger's

Dillinger’s new album is yet another extension of their recent foray into the realms of melody and I must say they’re getting better at it. Since ‘Miss Machine’ they’ve been experimenting with various different musical elements from dark progressive moments to elements seeming to take influence from some of the more standard ‘metalcore’ themes of modern metal. However they still manage to keep their sound distinct from anything else out there.

Tracks such as Widower are a perfect example of this. Being heavily piano based and much slower than many of the other songs on the album, Dillinger turn it into a pivotal point of the album, stepping away from the faster, more manic songs of the first half, and introducing harmonized vocals, massive synthesized sections, and a more emotional feel to the music. The song is then lead into a heavy breakdown reminding us what the band are about before crashing down into an epic finish.

Though as an album Option Paralysis is not as strong as Calculating Infinity or Miss Machine, it feels like a much more well thought out and coherent musical experience. Dillinger’s new drummer hasn’t let them down at all either.

Garden State (2004)

One of my favourite films of all time I first saw Garden State in the cinema when it first came out purely because my friend and I had heard it was written by, directed by, and starring Zach Braff. I enjoyed it but ultimately forgot about it until I came across it in my second year of uni and sat down to watch it on my own with a couple of beers to take my mind of exams. It was then that it suddenly clicked for me and became amazing.

Garden State isn’t your standard ‘feel good’ film, the story focusses around Andrew Largeman as he comes home for the first time in 10 years to go to his mothers funeral. However in doing so he leaves the many drugs he has been prescribed for his ‘mental condition’ since he was 10 at home and decides, with a doctors permission, to explore the possibility of living a normal life. In the process he meets Sam, a pretty weird girl with an even weirder family, and the story kicks off from there.

One of the pivotal scenes

The best thing about the film, or so I have found, is how the multiple story lines and character backgrounds merge together to allow the story and character progression to continue seamlessly, ultimately coming together at the end to be generally awesome.

Split Second

Split Second is awesome. That’s pretty much all you can really say about it.

A racing game which allows you to trigger events which destroy the environment and alter the track in order  to wreck your opponents. Yeah. Explosions. Woop.


The best thing about this game by far is not just that it’s on the PC but that you can play split screen using the keyboard. This has lead to a number of hours of sitting uncomfortably, far too close to the screen, looking like absolute nerds, but having a LOT of fun with it.

Not much more you can really say about it.

Not the most in depth set of reviews here but I’m currently running on pure exam tension right now. In 9 days I will have finished my degree.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to continue this blog after I finish.


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